Sunday, January 13, 2013

A quaint little porch

      The picture above is a house that we built a new front entry porch for, before we started the work.
 The pictures below show the completed porch.

 When we dug the post footings, we had to number the bricks in the walkway so they could be reinstalled at the end.

   The flooring is red meranti with a painted steel grate in the floor to clean your boots on.

 These close up shots show the distinctive twist detail in the balusters.
 The metal work was completed by Nop's Metal Works in East Middlebury.
          The copper details will take on a beautiful patina as the years go by.
                             Close up of the scrolled rafter tails
   This combination storm door started out life as a solid plank door.
 The owner wanted light and ventilation, but didn't want to lose the beauty of the original pine door.
 So we disassembled the door   and used the parts to make this new one.
     Close up of the pine beadboard ceiling. We finished it in oil to make the grain "pop".

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