Saturday, July 7, 2012

Three Oaks Construction in Moira, New York

Recently, we have been working near Malone, New York in a little town called Moira for a dear Christian family that is building a house out there. They had a company from out of state construct the post and beam frame, stress skin panels, install the windows and roofing, then they had to leave. That's when he called us in to pick up where the other outfit left off. This meant that we would install all the exterior trim and siding, and all the interior trim and paneling, along with some Sheetrock and taping work. If time allows, we will install all the stair trim, finish flooring and any other necessary finish work required. One of the interesting aspects of the work is making the 7 1/2" deep yellow pine extension jambs and casings for the interior finish work. What makes it interesting is that 10 of the windows have arches, so the bending process makes for an interesting challenge.

Some bending forms for extension jambs.

Here workers glue the laminations into one of the forms.

One of the arches after it has been taken out of the form.
These pieces have been prepared to make arched casings.
Close up of the joint at the arch where it meets the side.
Jamb installed, ready for casing.

Three pictures of finished interior arched trims.
One view of the siding job our crew completed.
We'll update as progress continues on this project.

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